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Fun with Dollars and Cents–Money Counting Worksheets


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Give your student a head start by helping them gain important real-world skills while boosting their math confidence!

This item is designed to help children learn to recognize English coins and their values, and to calculate the total amount of money from a mixture of coins.

This pack covers 3 main standards/concepts: identifying coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies), adding like coins, and adding mixed coins. From identifying and sorting coins to coin addition brain teasers, this has everything you need!

  • 1 Coin Addition
  • 2 Comparing Money (greater than or less than)
  • 1 Picking the correct coin amount (multiple choice)
  • 1 Paper bills addition
  • 2 Coin Addition Square Challenge
  • 2 Who Earned More Money?
  • 2 Counting coins (and circling what you buy from the amount)
  • 2 Cut and Paste the correct amount
  • 2 Decimal Addition

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