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Math Puzzles by Cerebrum Publishing

I love creating math puzzles resources for teachers and homeschoolers. I get so much pleasure out of seeing positive reviews from teachers and parents! My organization,...

Top Meet The Teacher Ideas On The First Week Of School

It’s almost that time of year again when meet the teacher prepares for the upcoming year and children return to the classroom. It’s an exciting time of year...

Setting Up Successful Math Centers

So, you’ve decided you want to start using math centers in your classroom. Great! Setting up math centers for your students will help you accomplish goals while allowing...

Effective Strategies to Help Students Solve Math Word Problems

Ah, math word problems – these tricky equations can be the bane of a math teacher’s existence. While difficult for many children to master, math word problems are...

3 Powerful Quotes to Motivate Students

With a classroom full of different personalities, it can be difficult to motivate students, yet alone yourself.

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