About Me

Hello! Welcome to Infinity Math Creations!

I'm Stephanie, and I am a self-proclaimed math geek!

I've always had a knack for explaining math in a way that people can understand. I love to share my knowledge through tutoring and developing effective teacher's resources. Math is a universal language, and my life's goal is to help students embrace it with confidence.

I develop innovative resources that engage K-12 students in differentiated activities. Whether they are digital, printables or classroom management, I put passion and creativity into every resource.

On this blog, I look forward to sharing my ideas and resources with you! Enjoy!


I attended Spelman College and Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, where I received my Bachelor of Science in both Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, respectively.


I nurtured my love for mathematics as early as middle school. I consistently scored “A’s on all my examinations, and earned the reputation of “math whiz” with several classmates. 

In a society where women’s math abilities were not embraced, my father was a huge inspiration regarding my interest in math. When it came to my education, he set the bar very high. He made sure I was enrolled in challenging math courses, and wanted me to prove to myself that I could conquer math.


I believe in organized class notes that are easy for students to read, followed by interactive activities to keep them engaged and practice their new skills! I love creating activities and sharing them with other educators. I believe that there is NO such thing as boring math, and that creativity and mathematics go hand in hand!


I am currently the owner of Infinity Math Tutoring. We are a private math tutoring service for Elementary, Intermediate, High School, College and Adult Learners. We provide in home and online math instruction for students of all ages.

Many of my teacher’s resources are used as supplements to the tutoring sessions.