3 Powerful Quotes to Motivate Students

Words have Power

With a classroom full of different personalities and people with different personalities, it can be difficult to motivate your students, yet alone yourself.

Teachers have societal stresses just like students do. We’re all human, so we are all good at thinking what to do, but terrible at actually doing those things.  With the COVID stay-at-home orders, many parents have the same concerns while their students practice distance learning within the home. Here is the quotes to motivate your students, yet alone yourself.

So what is the problem?  How can you curb this habit, and convince your students that action destroys procrastination?  How can you motivate your student to complete tasks while it seems like they don’t care?

Emotions are a big part of the equation.  Yes, emotions.  Many people try to curb their emotions when it comes to academia…and try to convince themselves that logic trumps emotion–but that is impossible.

We can’t ignore our feelings.  Because of the way our brains are structured, when thought and feelings compete, emotion almost always wins.

– Eric Barker

Think to Plan, but Feel to Act

If your students have the thinking part out of the way, how do you encourage them to act?  How do you awaken their emotions to help them get their assignments done in and outside of the classroom?


Research has shown that a positive attitude leads to positive thoughts, which lead to productivity.  Productivity is the mother of progress.  Once a person starts making progress, quotes to motivate students them to press forward with the task at hand.

Positive thinking

You can bring a positive vibe to your classroom through decor updates.  Post colorful, motivational quotes around the classroom.  Post them on a bulletin board that is close to the classroom entrance. 

Greet your students to a positive affirmation on the whiteboard every morning.  This will help you develop meaningful and respectful relationships with your students.

Make it a goal to stamp out negative vibes in your environment with these 3 inspirational quotes.  With creative delivery, they will help instill a growth mindset within your students.  The cherry on top is that it will install a growth mindset within you!   

1) A Mistake is Proof that You Tried

a mistake is proof that you tried

How else are you going to learn what is right unless you make a mistake while learning? 

We are all guilty of being discouraged by our mistakes.  It is important for students–and your self– to embrace them, because they are a cornerstone of learning. 

American philosopher Albert Hubbard once said, “The greatest mistake a man can ever make is to be afraid of making one.”

What is an indisputable truth is that learning from mistakes can produce growth.



2) Keep Going, Keep Growing

keep going keep growing

Once humans become productive at a task, their natural response is to keep going until the task is completed. 

Infants embrace productivity when they are learning to walk.  After they can take two steps without falling, they repeat their attempts until they can walk across the room without stumbling. 

When a reward system of your choice is applied to your students’ progress, your students will keep going until completion.  They will press on, whether they are focused on school assignments or other life endeavors. 



 3) Be Yourself…You Were Born An Original…Not a Copy

be yourself you were born an original not a copy

Peer pressure is a huge part of youth and adulthood.  As a middle and high schooler, I remember kids saying that it wasn’t cool to be smart.
Many students are trying to find their identity from grades 3 thru 12, and need guidance in embracing themselves.  
As an instructor, you can be a mentor and encourage your students to embrace their uniqueness…even if it is on an individual basis. 
Let your students know that nobody in the world is born like them, and that no one ever will.  If they are a gifted student, they should be afraid to use that gift.
A mentor once told me, “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”  Wasting talent in exchange for short term acceptance can shape a person’s life forever. 
Quotes to motivate students should feel comfortable excelling in school, and should never make a choice between success and mediocrity.  

Shower Them With Affirmations

The affirmations above are just 3 of hundreds that you can share with your students.  I have used several motivational quotes with my students, and they have done wonders for their attitude towards achieving excellence. 
Affirmation Printables for a Growth Mindset  are a great set to have for your classroom or homeschool workspace.  This engaging pack includes 12 inspiration visuals formatted to sizes 8.5″ x 11″ and 11″ X 17″ for easy printing. 
a goal is a dream with a deadline
 Words are very powerful.  They have the ability to shape lives.  Choose your words wisely and creatively, and you can steer students’ in a direction of productivity and success.


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