Preparing for 4th Grade Math This Summer

Stop summer loss

It’s almost that time of year again when kids turn in their schoolbooks for a few months of carefree fun in the sun. They look forward to summer break all year – splashing in the pool, going on vacation, and enjoying yummy grilled food. While lots of 4th grade math activities come to mind when you think of summer, we’re guessing that math isn’t one of them.

The 3rd to 4th grade math transition is a very crucial milestone in regards to skills. To prevent the summer slide and help your kids retain their math skills, there are many easy and engaging summer math activities that you can pursue.

What is Summer Slide?

When kids return to school this fall, many of them will find that their accomplishment levels are lower than they were at the start of the summer vacation. Summer learning loss, summer setback, or summer slip are all terms used to describe this phenomena.

Teachers and parents are gearing up for possibly the strangest, most difficult back-to-school season we have ever seen. Summer resources and activities can prevent the loss of concepts learned.

Help alleviate the stress of the upcoming year by keeping your student ahead of the curve. Maintain momentum over the break with material that will motivate them to keep their skills fresh.

3rd to 4th Grade Transition

By the third grade, children have a firm grasp on the four tenets of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In fourth grade the real work begins, and teachers introduce subjects like multi-digit multiplication and word problems.

3rd grade summer math packet

I have created an awesome summer resource to help 3rd grades students make a smooth transition. My 3rd to 4th Grade Summer Pack has fun, effective math activities that assess students’ understanding of 3rd grade concepts. It also preps them for the transition to 4th grade.

This packet includes:

  • Multiplication and Division Fact Families
  • Multiplication Sentence Arrays
  • Division Word Problems
  • Multiplication and Division Word Problems
  • Rounding Numbers
  • Estimate Sums and Differences
  • Reading Time on Clocks
  • Calculating Money Amounts
  • Interpreting Line and Bar Charts
  • Fraction Word Problems
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Perimeter of Polygons
  • And More!!

Fractions are essential

Want to practice fractions? The 3rd to 4th Grade Summer Pack bundle also includes my popular Virtual Fraction Bingo Pack! Students will apply their skills as they identify fractions represented by shaded shapes.

This Bingo Game Packet contains 35 randomized, virtual bingo cards. It even has virtual bingo character that calls the fractions for you! Check him out below!

CLICK HERE to check out my Virtual Fraction Bingo Game at Teachers Pay Teachers!

Keep Their Skills Fresh This Summer!

Help your 3rd graders avoid summer slide with this no-prep, printable summer packet! Student pages are in color and in black and white to save you ink when printing! Answer keys are included.

To grab this printable math set, go to my shop at the link below!

CLICK HERE to check out my 3rd to 4th Grade Summer Pack | Transition Prep Bundle


The Summer Slide is a real phenomenon, and many students fall victim to it if they aren’t encouraged to keep learning all summer long. Use the suggestions above to hone and build your children’s math skills while on break so they can pick up where they left off last year without skipping a beat


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