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order of operations task cardsorder of operations task cards
order of operations task cards
order of operations task cards
order of operations task cards

Order of Operations Task Cards



Looking for a fun way to engage students in practicing or reviewing their Order of Operations skills?

These task cards are an awesome challenge for your students.  This is a game created for Order of Operations – for all Versions – PEMDAS, BODMAS, BEDMAS and BIDMAS. Perfect for math stations!


  • 24 task cards
  • 1 page of super challenge problems
  • answer key



  • Once they rotate through the individual task cards, place the students in groups of 5 or less. Together they can solve the Super Group Challenge.
  • You can reward your students for doing well with the task cards and the Super Group Challenge. The student who has the most correct answers from the 24 task cards can get a prize, and group that gets all the Super Group Challenge answers correct in the shortest amount time can get a prize.


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